Awesome day I have!  素晴らしい一日!

I could talk with students and hear what they felt and thought and saw things.  I received so much care, help and kind actions from students.  Students’ struggles are my struggles.   Students’ tears and my tears too.  Students’ heartaches are my heartaches too.  On the other hand, students’ growth becomes our joy.  Students’ smile becomes our energy.


When I got to school, one of the newspaper writer, Ueno Keisuke, sent me his 7 article series titled “word-less’ siren: to save the children ” which are of Shinmai newspaper.  The 8th series will be on Shinmai newspaper tomorrow on Jan 28.  Last year, Ueno san wrote a series of article of one of our students who was ex-hikikomori for 15 years.  Because of his articles, our student could reconcile with his painful past, his family and himself.  Besides, he found freedom and openness towards his workplace.


Ueno and his works are incredible.  He makes us think how deep the life is and how profound the living itself is.  We are so grateful to Ueno San and his big heart for young people and their related family.  Because of his articles, My (Chaa Ogino) works were cheered by my neighbors whoever read the newspaper.


Today I re-realize that we are not alone.  No matter what the situation is, we are not alone.  There are voices.  Voices will not go unheard.  There is always someone who hears our voices!


Hirakata sensei taught us about work/ occupation (shokugyo) and others (tanin) in details and with her knowledge and experience.


Students got to think:

What is the occupation?

Why do people work?

How do works relate to us?





Students are given time to think about OCCUPATIONS.  In general, works are backbones or foundation of our lives.  Says Hirakata, right after tsunami, people started working not just for surviving but to have HOPE.  Works and to work are seen in order to live the life and to run the life.


People lost their loved ones and all they had in tsunami.  Around a 2-year-time, people kept working without room in their heart.  Then people gained hope and gathered hearts and minds to live the life.


All we got to do is ‘Start’ or start doing no matter what the situation is.


Our director always says, “It ain’t matter, what we can do or cannot.”  All that matter is ‘we will do or will not.”


And Hirakata sensei urged the students to Think about others!  Students got to ask themselves a question that “Are we looking at people with our own spectacles or through the filters of what we heard or are told?”


After tsunami, Hirakata sensei was doing volunteering at the disaster area.  With that volunteering, she could learn how to understand people and why people acted and behaved in certain ways.  Upon how people talked and acted, at first she reacted and responded what she heard and saw.  So she found difficulties and limitations while volunteering.  Indeed, her heart can understand more and accept people more if she made room to understand others and their feelings.


I learned that Hirakata sensei and her family are so beautiful inside and out.


In the afternoon, there was P.E.  午後は体育の時間です。

No one is left alone here in Samugaku.  I say again, no one is left alone here in Samugaku.  サムガクでは一人ぼっちに誰もなりません。もう一度言います。サムガクでは一人ぼっちに誰もなりません。




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