One of the Choice Studies, students chose WEEDING.  Duration of a choice study lasts a month.  Today students shared their impressions of their a-month-long choice study.  Freedom of thoughts and freedom of expression are being practiced here in Samugaku.


Choice Study 1:  Weeding

“I could listen to the music.”  “I like outdoor and I enjoyed weeding.”



Choice Study 2: Folding Origami

“I am interested in doing delicate things.”  “I don’t like other choice studies.  So, I chose origami.”



Choice Study 3:

Students came up on the stage and each sang one verse of the songs.  From the morning, there are laughter and chatter and joyful noises.  I wondered this morning that Is Samugaku really for HIKIKOMORI?  All the students appear super outgoing and boldly express their feelings in the songs.  I got but to be mesmerized and laughed.  There indeed was a pure JOY this morning indeed.



I, Chaa, am teaching three days on “Observing/Noticing is Learning” from the perspective of Developmental Psychology.  The contents of my classes are as follows:



  • Ignorance makes us blind to see our growth and positive changes
  • 何も知らないと、自分の成長や良い変化に気づけない
  • Minor and major changes take place in our daily life
  • 大きな変化も小さな変化も日々の生活の中で生まれている
  • If we do not notice them, we cannot know ourselves
  • もしそれらに気づけなかったら、自分を知ることができない
  • If we cannot know ourselves, we will lose enthusiasm and confidence
  • 自分を知ることが出来なかったら、やる気や自信を失ってしまう

We grow and growth takes place  私たちは成長する

  • Growth can be seen in the followings:
  • 成長は以下のような場所で起こる
  • Physical 身体的に
  • Cognitive 認知的に
  • Social 社会的に
  • Intellectual 知的に
  • Perceptual 知覚的に
  • Personality 個人的に
  • Emotional 感情的に

Above all, students find in samugaku as follows:

  1. Common knowledge and basic knowledge are being shared and taughted at school. Knowledge is power.
  2. Being together and care makes students feel secure and provide a sense of belonging.




Let me conclude with one student who is growing in tangible ways.  Let’s say K san.  Two years ago, K san used to be introvert and all he wanted was to play game.  Punctuality and articulating his feeling were not his things.  Indifference plays a big part of his daily rountine.  Now that very K san speaks his mind, makes people around him LAUGH.  Besides he can lead others and isn’t hesitant to speak up his opinion.  Life changes take place here in Samugaku.  All your help and love have been playing a big part of the school and we do need your continued support.






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