Hello from Samugaku!  サムガクからこんにちは!

A raining day is today.  We do have a fruitful day.  From the morning, students have actively participated in all the school programs such as cutting stems of the whole garlic, doing exercises, reading and whatnots.  In the afternoon, we were at Horiuchi’s farm in order to make miso.  By using mixer and grinder, all the ingredients of fermented rice, boiled beans, sugar and salt were being mixed and beaten.  Students enjoyed all the process of making miso.  The beaten and shaped miso will be kept for a six-month time.  Then it will be ready.  Miso soup is prepared almost every morning at Japanese home.  Today, students got to learn the process of miso.  Students learn how to be grateful to people and things around them through the program of students.


Needless to say that students are reconciling within themselves, with the family and with their past.  Students find themselves.  They learn to trust themselves and others.  They learn to sleep, get up and eat in a routine.  They learn to make contacts and to communicate people who are not of their family.  With samugaku and great care, students are reentering society.


Here are brief chats I have with students: 私と生徒とのちょっとした会話をここに書いていきます。

Student 1: I thought I wasn’t good at communicating or greeting.  I didn’t want to do the jobs which directly require making contacts with customers.  Yet, I got to know that a working environment enables me to do things which I thought I couldn’t do at all with a work trial program of Samugaku.


Student 2:  I couldn’t continue with my job and finally got to quit the job.  I found my uneasy feelings and short-comings in me.  Yet, samugaku is meeting the struggles and the unsettled feeling I have.  I am making changes in me in samugaku.


Student 3: I used to take pills and pills had made him a person who needed more sleeping hours and lacked motivation.  With the help of staff and samugaku, I could be away from pills.  And I could challenge a short-term work.  This working experience helped me gain confidence. Besides I heard that the president of the company I had a short-term work is still complimenting my ability to work in a team.


Student 4: As I am a new student, I am nervous most of the times and still have anxiety.  I used to listen to music whenever I had anxiety and was feeling nervous.  With and at samugaku, I am learning to talk my struggles with samugaku staff.  Awesome is that I can make changes.


Student 5:  I am a new student and used to stay home before.  As I am coming to school, my regular routine has been set and hope increases in me that I may be able to work in the near future.


Student 6: I couldn’t get or get to do what I wanted last week.  I was totally down and got lost at some points.  Yet, my family and samugaku listened to and talked with me constantly.  My mother and samugaku have been helping me to stay whole and move forward and can maintain instead of feeling ended up to the extreme.


Student 7:  At school, I met friends who I could share with my worldview as some of my worldview are quite strange in a sense.  I found friends whom I could talk freely here in samugaku.  I used to live in assumption/ imagination and mixed feelings of anything I encountered.  Now, I can face the reality and move on one step at the time by samugaku and am able to keep working my current part time job.


Student 8: I used to feel no motivation to get on the program and no desire to make friends.  With and at samugaku, I am being challenged and changed by the activities and achievements I could make:  walking a long distance and working a short-term work.  Now I am so determined to work a regular part time position and to become an adult- like who enjoys life and understand others.


Thank you for reading and your time.  I enjoy spending time with students and being a part of their lives.






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