Technology keeps us connected

Technology keeps us connected with people around the world. It allows us to communicate instantly for businesses and personal. We can form ideas to be shared easier with the help of the internet.

Our students come from all over Japan. As students are hikikomori, traveling or commuting by any transportations is quite hard. Technology saves time and does not require mobility. Students can get in touch with their families with less effort. Students can express their difficulties as text without having to find the words verbally.

At school, both staff and students are learning technology and computer skills. Word, Excel, and PP are basic skills. How to use the internet and exchange data via the internet are important as well. We will be learning how to write a blog and how to write basic HTML code.

Hikikomori are people “who are neither in work nor school, do not have social interactions and are socially withdrawn for more than 6 months.”