Construction Sites

I am so grateful to the people who provide a fine working environment and allow students to gain experience learn skills for LIVING. Our school approaches construction projects which aid the local economy and help our students to step into society.

Through the school program, students work on construction sites to gain experience and skills. A number of on-site tasks are challenging and require dexterity, concentration, and a good mentality and health. I see students struggle and become resilient. In general, tasks are cleaning debris, erecting scaffolding, loading and unloading materials, and especially assisting with operating equipment. I see students learn teamwork and to stay alert.

Hikikomori are people “who are neither in work nor school, do not have social interactions and are socially withdrawn for more than 6 months.”

#NEET are people who are not employed, not in school, not a homemaker, and not seeking a job.