Don’t Think, Feel #5

Don’t think. feel #5


What it means to be alive


Behind the words that people spit out

In their daily lives

There is always evidence of “living”


‘The feeling of being alive’

It is hard to feel ‘alive’ while we are living normally


The fact itself is because ‘we are alive’


Even though the function of the body continues to function

In order to maintain a healthy body,

All of the demands of the human affliction make the functions weaker

And lead us away from the healthy body

Because we are being ‘tested’ at this point.


I haven’t looked into the evidence in detail,

But if we compare the health status of non-human ‘animals’ with that of humans,

There is no doubt that

The health status of animals far exceeds that of humans.


Because they follow their instincts

and live by their instincts.


We human beings have undoubtedly begun to move towards unhealthiness

By obtaining more anxiety that exceeds instinct

Although life expectancy has increased considerably compared to 50 years ago

Due to the “improvement of civilization and science” brought about by afflictions,

It has not been compared with what is called ‘healthy life expectancy,’

So it is difficult to say that ‘happy life has been extended’ in general

Isn’t it?


In order for people to mitigate their own mistakes to some extent,

People make ‘excuses’ or ‘explain’ their situation to someone else

The act of conversation occupies most of the time of life.


Complaints of physical discomfort.

For example, a “headache” always has a “causative behaviour” that leads to pain.

It could be sleeplessness, a weakened immune system from wearing light clothing,

Or a hangover due to a large amount of alcohol.


The causal behaviour is covered up

And the current physical reaction is simply an excuse

For not performing to the best of one’s ability in this state.


If we are in tune with it,

Even if the situation does not improve

The causal behavior of the person will not be pointed out

And the headache will return.


On the contrary, if we point out that

‘we are not understood,’ and ‘this person is not my type,’

This can cause emotional stress and lead to further physical reactions.



How about including the fact ‘I’m alive’ in our conversations?


‘My head hurts’, that’s what ‘it means to be alive’

‘I have a stomachache,’ that’s what ‘it means to be alive.’

‘I couldn’t sleep because I had so many worries,’ that’s what ‘it means to be alive.’

‘I don’t like the cold.’ “That means I’m alive.”


Even conversations above that seem playful at first glance


It is neither pointed out nor tuned.

It turns out that it is just a word that encourages the feeling of being alive.


The dissatisfaction and anxiety caused by anxiety

By making us feel that ‘we are alive’

I think most of the problems can be solved.


We are only trying to make young people feel “alive”

By using various methods at all times and

In all contacts with young people who see everything as exclusive.


There is nothing in our human reflexes other than

but what we feel because we are alive.