This July 17, we had a graduation ceremony. If you have time, please take a look at it

令和3年度 卒業式特大号

This month, students learned to do the scaffolding to repair buildings.
To get access to heights and areas which are hard to reach, scaffolding was built one stage at a time. It was a lot of work with careful measuring and hammering.

Students learned how to carry heavy things. Carrying things with balance and steady speed is quite challenging for students. At first, students were excited to carry things and build scaffolding. An hour later, they were all exhausted. So, the professionals helped the students learn how to carry, set up, and do things properly so they could maintain energy longer.

Challenges: As a supervising staff, I am not good with heights. To climb the scaffolding is already difficult enough. Climbing and passing clay roof tiles were way harder for me. I am helping students while learning.