This is Chaa writing a blog today. 

今日はChaa Chaaがこのブログを書いています。

What if there is no motivation 

What if there is no incentive

What if there is no someone

Our lives will be unbearable and even to get out of bed is challenging for many people.


Be attentive: 以下のことに注意を払ってください。

  1. To have SOMEONE and to have a tiny MOTIVATION are in fact miracles. Let us be grateful to someone we have.  Let us NOT forget to say ‘otsukaresama’ to ourselves …


  1. To nurture our mind, we got recognize our feelings and either articulate them or write them down. Otherwise, we might get lost…


This morning our director Nagaoka spoke to us.  The followings are my notes upon what I learnt.


 To notice:

We hold different values and perceptions, needless to say, as we are raised differently.  We got to KNOW that our values and perceptions of our lives might change over time.  People change and so are their worldviews.  Let us expect the best in us and in individuals.



Due to the Covid 19 and its spread, our minds and emotions are being challenged by the news and mass media. 


Our instinct (honnou) reacts in response to external stimuli/the Covid 19 and its impact as impulse.  All our reactions come from our heart/gut.  However, those often do not have any rational reason.  Here, we got to give time to reflect on our reactions.  There, we grow mentally and intelligently.


We also learnt about “ego” which is one’s sense of self-esteem.  We need to boost our ego.  The people, who find a boost to their ego, are doing well in their personal and professional lives.  Our ego mediates our mind and helps us to gain momentum when reality and our identity collide.  There, we learn to take responsibilities for our actions.

私たちはまた、自尊心である“エゴ/ 自我”についても学びました。私たちは自身のエゴを高める必要があります。自分のエゴを高める術を見つけた人々は、私生活においても職業生活においてもうまくやることが出来ます。エゴは自分の心を深く瞑想し、現実と自己のアイデンティーが衝突したときに飛躍を遂げる助けをしてくれます。そして、私たちは自身の行動に対して責任を持つ方法を学びます。

In order to boost our ego, I would like to list simple steps:

  1. To express what we truly feel and think
  2. To appreciate our strengths
  3. To accept our flaws

Otherwise, due to low ego strength we might avoid reality through wishful thinking and substance use.


  • 私たちが本当に感じ、考えているものを表現すること。
  • 自分の強みを知ること。
  • 自分の弱みを受け入れること。


We come this far.  Let us expect the best in life.  私たちは、ここまで来ています。人生で最高のものを期待しましょう。