Good afternoon from Samugaku!

The temperature dropped and it was drizzling this morning.  One of the students and I went to ‘Hello Work’ in order to step into the path to society. The person in charge was big-hearted and helped us in details and in the range that the student and I could digest.



Everyone is unique and holds a great value for society.  Each is born with two or more talents which enable individuals to be himself or herself.


Support Station, Miyao san talk about what predicament (障がい) or disability is.

障がい って何だろう?〜共に生きる視点から〜サポートステーションの宮尾さんが「障がい」について話をしてくれました。

If we go deeper on the meaning of ‘disability,’ there are various sorts of disability: visible blurry if no spectacles are not provided, unsteady or reeled left-hand in use for those who are right-handed, the language barrier in foreign countries…


‘Disability’ is varied in certain groups:  impairment, disability, and the handicap which were illustrated with certain stories.  These three categories are very informative for me and for all the students.


medical model:  the devices and trained dogs which help any impediments and difficulties for the individuals are named ‘medical model.’ It is quite challenging to measure and provide the necessary measures for physical impairments and mental un-stability.


social model: individuals who are suffering from any impediments are not being defined as disabled.  The society makes everything accessible to everyone such as barrier-free scheme and devices in use.


Distinguishing or drawing a sharp line between the one who gives the service and who receive/use the service is same that between a wholesome person and a disabled.


‘Who is helping’ or ‘who is receiving helps’ will, more or less, be a role-play as long as we live in a community/society.


In general, human finds a happiness when he/she is helped and feels a pleasure when he/she helps other, says Michael Tomasello.


Miyao explained the baby with the Robot Model with a concrete idea.  Imagine a baby who toddles and talks the language which conveys solid meanings!  A baby can be seen with tons of difficulties/ difficulties as a baby cannot take care of oneself and is fragile and verily delicate/ weak.  Yet, that delicate baby can cry for bits of help which is a typical ‘living and helping’ in a community by helping each other accordingly.

宮尾さんはロボットモデルという具体的なアイデアで赤ん坊を説明してくれました。よちよち歩き、ちゃんと意味のある言葉をうまく話せない赤ちゃんを想像してみてください! 赤ちゃんは色んな不自由さを抱えていて、自分自身の面倒も見れなくて、傷つきやすく、本当に繊細で弱いものとみなすことが出来ます。けれど、その繊細な赤ちゃんは助けを求めて泣くことが出来ます。これが共同体の中で必要に応じてお互いに助け合うこと、いわゆる「生きることと助けること」 です。

Students are being asked by Miyao how they understand and feel through the lecture.


I would like to write down one comment, ‘Each has or given each task in building community and more than any devices and applicable schemes, the kindness and consideration to one another are the ‘CORE,’ by one student.


「 単に方法やうまくいく計画を考えるだけじゃなく、共同体を作っていく中では、一人一人が課題に直面します。そしてお互いに対する優しさや思いやりがその「核」になります」

In the afternoon, the classroom is run by student body (生徒会).  Our principal Mr.Wataru jogged all the students’ memories on “a minute promised word (誓いの言葉), morning or evening column” how to put stresses on their allotted time with well-prepared manner.

午後は、生徒会によって授業が行われました。私たちの校長であるわたるさんが生徒の「誓いの言葉(学園祭で生徒が一人一人これからの目標を誓った言葉です) や、朝と夕のコラム」のことを思い出させて、どうやって限られた時間内でしっかりと準備をして表現できるかを考えさせました。

Students are learning to locate their fear and struggles and counter them accordingly with the bits of help of school and staffs on a day to day basis.