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About Samurai Gakuen

Samurai Gakuen Schola Imagine (a.k.a. Samugaku) was established as a “school for all those who seek to learn and encounter a new self” and accepts students of all ages.  The school provides comprehensive self-independence support for young people who have difficulty living in society, and for children who need support in society, so that they can lead a fulfilling life in their own way.  

Our goal is not to “teach and nurture” through a standardized curriculum, but to “co-educate” through self-discovery where staff and students grow together.  

The main goal of Samugaku is to help students acquire basic life skills through a variety of experiences.  

With three schools in Ueda (Nagano), Tokyo, and Okinawa, Samugaku is engaged in activities to support the independence of youth and children in response to their needs. 

Samurai Gakuen is an internationally validated organization through CAF International.

Samurai Gakuen’s technical training programs are supported by the Caterpillar Foundation.



Samugaku runs a variety of programs, both full-time for the students at our school as well as part-time outreach programs. Our main targets are hikikomori, which we define as those who haven’t participated in society (for example going outside, going to school or work, speaking to others) for at least 6 months, and we have helped those who have been hikikomori for as long as 15 years.

The full-time program has three stages:

For the part-time programs, we offer regular skills training classes, counselling, and job matching to dropouts, those without jobs or those who wish to work full-time instead of part-time, families of hikikomori and local business owners.


Greetings from the Director

Our philosophy of “co-education” to nurture basic life skills together

We live together with the students at this school, not from the standpoint of “teaching and nurturing” but from the standpoint of “nurturing together” as human beings living in the same society. Our school started from scratch, but in April 2012, we became the 246th NPO certified out of 50,000 NPOs in Japan. We are determined to further develop our activities while feeling the weight of this certification.

We will continue to develop our activities.  Through various experiences, students who have encountered new selves through “awareness” will participate in society and become “independent” after graduation.  The 100% employment rate after graduation proves the essence of this activity. 

Supporting young people is not only a direct way to help them create a better tomorrow, but it is also an indirect way to help this society. In other words, youth support is an “investment” in society.

Whether you are a prospective student or a member of the school, we hope that you will support us.

Samurai Gakuen Schola Imagine
Director Hidetaka Nagaoka


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