Dear All,


There were hailing and snowing the other night.  Temperature is dropping these days.


I accidentally dash my foot to the leg of the table.  My pinky toe hurts all the more because of a chill weather.  And I burn my tongue when I rush to sip a cup of hot tea.  Cold days and I are not getting along somehow.


I, my toe, and my tongue are not working as a team, I am struggling.  I have a burnt tongue and a hurt toe.   I feel like our incentives for work are being retarded by chill days.


Even me and within me are, at times, so hard to work together as a team.  To teach a batch of the student is way harder.  To teach a set of dance and its routine is unimaginable for me indeed.


The moods of students are unpredictable.  Yet, we are ready to be with them and listen to them and provide them necessary advice accordingly.


Above all LOVE is vital in the field like samugaku.  LOVE opens the locked hearts and LOVE makes us feel A BIG FAMILY.


Allow me to talk about our vice principal Hirakata:  She is building a healthy atmosphere by working with students professionally.

教頭の平形先生について話をさせてください。 彼女はプロフェッショナルな接し方で、健康的な雰囲気を作り上げています。

By Hiraka’s un-changing attitudes towards students regardless of their ups and downs moments, she is positively influencing the students how to think, act, and behave.  By her guidance and personality, students are being enabled to overcome undesirable emotions and bad habits within and by her class.


Some students do not like working in a team.  Some hates dancing.  Some easily give up.  Regardless of various types of personalities, Hirakata sensei will maintain the best dance steps and teach the students with a full passion relentlessly.


She amends the attitudes of students.  It is hard to see changes and improvements in some students.  Yet, Hirakata sensei will see the hearts of students.  As long as students are willing to make changes and improvement, Hirakata sensei will be backing and helping them in each step. A beautiful human being is Hirakata sensei.


After lunch, students and staff are being assigned to do the dishes by rock scissors and paper.  Doing dishes with five people randomly picked for 30 minutes is a good opportunity for students and staff to interact with one another.


In the afternoon, we went to a nursing home and performed the dance and the song.  Students prepared all the steps and memorized the song.


Performing in front of elderly people are heart-warming.  At least, samugaku could show love and care by a well- prepared performance led by Hirakata sensei.


Working with a batch of people for the performance is incredible.  ‘Impossible to possible’ among the students become truly tangible in the performance.  We are grateful that Hirakata sensei’s not giving up on the individuals.


Above all, I am mesmerized by the students and their trust towards me and all the staff.  We are making changes for a better world.






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