Dear Blog Readers,  It has been a while!


Temperature is dropping so low these two days.  Cold days make us emotional.


Morning hours 朝の時間:

We did golfing and calligraphy 私たちはゴルフ練習と習字をしました。

Before the morning class, students enjoy doing the choice they made at the beginning of the year: drawing, reading books, playing music instrument, playing softball, muscle training, …  Students are so into what they do.  Incredibly beautiful to see students enjoy with their choices here in the morning hours.


Today our headmaster Wataru taught us how to access and collect information in order to know the fact.  At times, we are easily misled by what we see and hear.  Our headmaster repeatedly reminds all the students to access and collect information for the thing we want to know or we are curious.  Indeed, information/ the right information is power and the key for us to see and understand the situation.


Students are made in groups in order to gather information about Covid-19 to curb the spread of covid-19 and its related preparation.  Students gathered information and picked up some points.  At the end of the class, each group gave presentations with data and information of the group works.


Prevention must be prioritized while we are not sure about the clear picture of Covid-19.  Students had gathered information and covered Covid-19 and its related issues:  government subsidy, alcohol and masks use and those effect, extreme self-policing, vaccine/shots…


As many countries face new stay-at-home restriction, there are concerns that rates of suicide may increase and have already increased.  By stay-at-home and social distancing, mental health is deteriorated: depression, hopelessness, feelings of entrapment, substance misuse, loneliness, domestic violence, child neglect or abuse, unemployment, and other financial insecurity.


Wataru sensei makes us think logically and raise voices/questions on what we see and hear on the news and internet.  Students are being taught to gather information and to double-check with our eyes.  Needless to say, every media holds bias and partiality.  渉先生は私たちがニュースやネットで見聞きしたことについて論理的に考え、質問や声を上げるようにしてくれます。言うまでもなく、すべてのメデイアが偏見や不公平を持っています。

Students are encouraged to gather more information because listening or hearing the news partly would mislead us to see things.


Afternoon hours:

In the afternoon, we watched together regarding how to grow veggie and how to make a good soil.  Students learn how to grow rice, beans and veggies here with samugaku.


Students learn to appreciate meals and a good health more with and by samugaku and its program.  生徒たちは食べ物への感謝と健康への感謝をサムガクと共にサムガクのプログラムでもっとたくさん学んでいます。

Samugaku is a place for students to learn.

Learning is gaining.




Learning makes individual stable and resilient in any situation.

Knowledge is power, so is information.






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