Time is all we have.  At the same time, time is running, not stopping.  Every morning, there is a session which give a time for staff to share our opinions and plan for students.  Students and their parents are working hard to make changes in their lives.  One of the foremost tasks for staff is to carefully plan for a day-to-day management for the students.  Each day is very important for students to experience a worth living of TODAY.


Here, allow me to talk about Okinawa.  There is our branch school in Okinawa.  Our school in Okinawa is for young adult Hikikomori and dropouts and children who need rearing most.


The principal Mr. Hikime is a visionary leader.  He is leading his teams and reaching all the children in Okinawa with LOVE and all the practical and learnt skills.  He is making changes in the lives of children and their parents tangibly.  Thank you so much for helping hands and support to Okinawa school and its in time of needs.


Students of each homeroom class and a homeroom teacher get to meet once a week and write the plans or targets for a week.  It is quite challenging for certain students who are indifferent to oneself, people and things.


Eliciting interests and attention from the students is the constant task for all the staff.  Students are learning to think and value every TODAY through the school and staff day by day.  Besides, students learn to set the goals weekly.


There are five kinds of tasks for the students: classroom’s preparation, meal’s preparing, taking care of living organism (?), cleaning/managing, and farming.  Five tasks are being run by five groups.  A group work is for a six-month term.  Working with a team for one specific task makes each student learn responsibility and a routine.


Students have to find and provide works within the group themselves.


In the afternoon, a professional photographer came and volunteered the class.  Our school has been helped by many people from all walks of life.  午後は、プロのカメラマンがやってきて授業をしてくださいました。侍学園ではいろんな人生を歩んできた方々が助けてくださってきました。

As a result, our students has been accustomed to privilege to meet up many learnt and trained people of life.


From the perspective of professional, students are being informed how to have the ability to think and to make the thinking into the tangible ones/objects.  Students are given truly informative details of capturing images and putting all the captured images into a movie.  Editing skills and information is additional.


Above all students are being so loved and taught to become independent adults through the school and its staff.  Both students and staff are learning and growing daily.






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