Dear All,

From the morning, students work in a team for playing and studying.  When alone students can do so little in a terrible silence.


However, students can do so much when they are in a group with laughter and grins on their faces.  As students are placed in a teamwork, students are learning to build trust by working together.


Of course, there are tiny uncomfortable feelings among the students.  Yet, students learn to become considerate and thick-skinned.


I recalled words of Mother Teresa, ‘None of us, including me, ever do great things.  But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.’


Both students and staff, we could build trust and grow in love and achieve the short-term goals on many occasions.  We will keep doing those not alone but together.


Engaging with students and listening to their day-to-day feeling REQUIRES learning.  ‘No time for learning,’ is inexcusable in our work setting. Learning will help us to engage more with students.  We, staff, are learning to equip ourselves in order to help students.  Besides, the task of our staff is to foster ‘learning’ in students.


By engaging with the students, we can perceive the interests and the potentials of individual students. As we know the students and their potentials, we can provide the right tasks and have a sense of connection between us and students.


Listening to students allows me to identify patterns of students’ emotions and collect sorts of behaviour features.  Those help me to stay connected with the students and find the appropriate approaches accordingly.


The emotion of certain students tends to fluctuate wildly at times.  Yet, all the varied emotions are so real and they rush to decide things. Here, we staff got to play a role of moderator between the students and their unsettled emotions.


At the dancing class, students forget their struggles and reserved beings.  They just danced.  They dance like nobody was watching.


Our dance teacher Emi is full of energy and sparkles.  She describes music and dance as expressions of individuality.  To my surprise, all the students can dance along with Emi sensei. She is totally awesome!


In the afternoon, we went to the farm and helped to pick daikon, gleaning and trashing all the autumn leaves and branches.  Some picked the celery.  So much adventuring there at the farm indeed!

Above all, we learned a lot today.







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