In our modern world, where many of us live in densely populated cities but still grapple with loneliness and isolation, the concept of forming and nurturing a “team” or support network is as relevant as ever. The idea that the first sign of humanity was an act of kindness, cooperation, and care is a profound reminder of our social nature. 


Today, isolation and disconnection can affect people from all walks of life. The term “Hikikomori” often refers to individuals who withdraw from social life and become reclusive, but the feelings of loneliness and disconnection are not unique to them. Many factors, including the rapid pace of modern life, the rise of digital communication, and the challenges of forming and maintaining meaningful relationships, contribute to this sense of isolation. 


To overcome this isolation and build our own “teams,” we must actively seek out connections with others. It’s true that some people might naturally find their “teams” early in life, often within their families or close-knit communities. However, for many of us, this process requires effort and intention. 


Meeting a variety of people, engaging in different social activities, and exploring various interests can help expand your social circle. It’s through these encounters that we can find individuals who resonate with our values, interests, and personalities. It’s not just about people suiting us; it’s also about us adapting and evolving within these relationships.


Building good relationships requires a willingness to adjust and accommodate the needs and preferences of the people in our lives. It’s a two-way street, and both parties should strive to understand and respect each other. Disagreements are a natural part of any relationship, but choosing to work through these conflicts with patience, empathy, and a shared goal of strengthening the connection can lead to even closer bonds. 


In a world where we’re surrounded by people but often feel alone, the value of building and maintaining a supportive team cannot be overstated. It’s a testament to our humanity that we have the capacity to form connections, offer help, and receive support. It’s a reminder that, like our distant ancestors who cared for each other during times of need, we too can find our teams and overcome the challenges of isolation and loneliness in the modern age.




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