In broad terms, our understanding of what we’re capable of and what roles we can inhabit tends to follow certain patterns:

• Attendance at school is a requirement for students.

• Students typically engage with peers of similar age and enjoy a relatively unburdened lifestyle.

• Given their youthfulness, students are encouraged to engage in lively conversations with their parents, teachers, and friends.


– 学生にとって、学校に通うことは必須条件である。

– 学生は通常、同じような年齢の仲間と関わり、比較的負担の少ないライフスタイルを楽しむ。

– 若さゆえに、生徒たちは両親や教師、友人たちと活発に会話を交わすことが奨励される。

However, reality often diverges from our anticipations and aspirations.

Students ceased attending public school for years. Despite this gap, they enrolled at our samugaku.



Their ambition to sustain a part-time job while attending school remains strong, evident in their consistent attendance at work. Nevertheless, there are instances where their intentions fail to align with their actions.

Despite efforts to avoid sudden cancellations of work shifts, Students occasionally find themselves unable to fulfill their commitments. Reasons for these absences range from physical ailments like stomachaches to emotional challenges such as anxiety.



Despite their  concerns for students’ future, both parents and students have remained steadfast. Samugaku serves as a haven for students who find acceptance and purpose.

Life often confronts us with unexpected challenges and unsettled emotions. In light of this, wouldn’t you agree that our students are well-prepared to integrate into society? Both the studnets and their families have shown unwavering determination as they continue to progress forward.



The students in our school lead authentic lives, each navigating their own unique paths. 

Despite hailing from different prefectures and backgrounds, and enduring varied emotional challenges, they come together and engage in shared activities. Regardless of differences in personality, viewpoints, or emotional fluctuations, they collaborate harmoniously.



Mastering the art of living sensitively and maintaining a reserved demeanor while integrating into society is no simple feat. Nevertheless, our students embrace life wholeheartedly, navigating its complexities with grace and determination.


Whether it’s at 7/11, a construction site, a restaurant, a cram school, a printing company, a delivery company, an auto workshop, a bookstore, an electrical firm, behind the wheel of a van, tending to grapevines, cleaning, in a clothing boutique, or engaged in design work — you name it, our students are involved in diverse occupations and making significant contributions to the community.


Your ongoing support remains essential. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary and reflect on how far we’ve come, we express our gratitude for your past support, while emphasizing that your continued assistance is crucial for our future endeavors.




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