Hello from Samugaku!

Today is a hot day.  Chaa is blogging today.  Everyday is challenging not just for students, but for me too.   It is at times hard for me to wear smiles and rooms in my heart.  Yet, today students are full of smiles and involving all the activities.  Especially today, students come and talk to me that “I want to change my life,” “I want to improve myself,” “I struggle how to talk things honestly,” etc.  I am truly encouraged by the words that students spoke to me dearly.


Besides I received some texts that they were taught by my class.  Students and their involvement are quite needed for staffs and encouraging.  Again, I am proud to see the students learn things through us and our beings.


June 5, June 7 and June 8 are of open school and I am teaching 12 rules of Jordan B. Peterson on these three days.  More than my expectation, students are into the lecture and have so much to share and raise questions.  Regardless of nations and citizens, #jordanpeterson could connect and reach the crowd of people here in Japan.


Today I taught Rules 6 to 10 which are as followed:


6 Set your house in order before you criticise the world

ルール6 世界やシステムにケチをつける前に自らの行いを律しなさい

7 Pursue what is meaningful, not what is expedient

ルール7 その場だけの利益ではなく、意義深い理想を追い求めること

8 Tell the truth. Or at least don’t lie

ルール8 真実を話す。少なくともウソはつかない

9 Assume the person you are listening to knows something you don’t

ルール9 いま話している相手はあなたが知らないことを知っているかもしれないという前提で接しなさい

10 Be precise in your speech

ルール10 発言には正確を期すこと

Student A:  I don’t know how to trust people.  It is hard for me to trust others.


It’s so true.  It is not easy at all to trust someone else.  However if we look at ourselves objectively, we sit next to someone and work in a team at samugaku.  It means we learn to trust naturally.



Student B and C.  “Rule 9: Assume the person you are listening to knows something you don’t” helps them.  By knowing this rule 9,  they can have the attitude of humbleness towards the other person.  Then they might can build a good relationship.


Student D: “Rule 10: Be precise in your speech” is a good reminder to him to think before he speaks and make time to prepare.


Students are learning each day.  Each day learning will make the students healthy independent adults.


As a staff, I am learning how to talk with students with love and respect and guide them objectively when they need.  At times, it is not an easy task for me to be with students from various background.  However, I am able to do my part at my school because parents trust us and are open to us.






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