Greetings from Samugaku!

This is Chaa blogging here today!

Firstly, I would like to express our massive thanks for your constant support for our school!

3 more days to our graduation Day!  We all are happily busy these days.

まず最初に、皆様方に常日頃からいただいている多大なご支援に感謝申し上げます! 卒業式まで、いよいよあと3日となりました。ここ数日は、それに向けての準備で喜びにあふれた忙しい日々を送っています。

Again Samugaku is helping young people to grow in knowing themselves, in communicating and interaction with others…  When these young people become independent mentally and financially, they can graduate samugaku.




Above all, students are learning to love and to be loved, to understand and to be understood, to accept and to be accepted.


Picture 1

Pictures 1 to 5:

Look at the pictures!  There are the pictures that students took when they took a walk for a month as a choice study!  By looking at the pictures of students, we can feel and understand how they see things.  By being together with students, all the staffs grow together with students.  Trust and understanding among students and staffs are so tangible in every way.  This is what I love about samugaku.




Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5


Motto of 2017-2018

One of our graduates

picture 8

Pictures 8 to 10:

This morning our board of Director Nagaoka spoke to us.  Students got to think seriously how to connect with others.  And students were informed that we are NOT alone.  Even if we cannot do things, we AREN’T alone.  There are many people out there who are like us.


We have feelings and we feel many things such as ‘I want to die… I want to disappear… I want to knock someone down…. ‘  The feelings we have are NOT the problems.  However, when talk to someone what we feel RAW is NOT right!  We might hurt people and our words might hurt people.


THERE, we will find someone to talk with.  We will take counsel from someone who can guide us. 面談is a fine way to deal with the real self (本心))in the right way and with different perspectives.  By taking counsel or taking advices/ 面談, we can organize or put all our feelings into order. We can unload and lighten our struggles and anxieties.



There are Many Tasks we human can overcome and accomplish!  Only human can do that.



In order to make communication in a healthy way, we have to build first RESPECT between people.  Through RESPECT one another, we can do the following:


To listen is to understand.

To understand is to speak.

To speak is to hear the other/response.

To hear the other/response is to accept.

To be asked is to answer.








picture 9

Picture 10






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