Dear All, Today is a good day for me.  I hope that you have a good day too.  We are being taught by Director Nagaoka regarding 心理学.  Only humans think unlike animals.  We think (思考).  We see things.  Then through seeing, we decide we like or not.  Decisions are being made by External (外向的) to internet (内向的) in general.  Many might experience that when we are emotionally down, our entire body becomes weak and sick.

みなさん、こんにちは。今日は私にとって良い1日でした。みなさんにも良い1日でありますように。 私たちは心理学に関して長岡理事長から学んでいます。他の動物と異なり、人間だけが考えます。私たちは考えます。私たちは物事を見ます。そして見ることを通じて私たちは好きか嫌いかを決めます。その決定は一般に外向的から内向的によって成されます。多くの人は自分が感情的に落ち込んでいる時、全身が弱って病気になるということを経験します。

By those general information, students can see themselves in a more accurate way.


Today  I learn a lot from Nagaoka sensei.  Let me write down some of the phrases out of my understandings through listening to him.


1. He acknowledges that when someone talks, he/she is delivering and stating something.

2. He tries to know feelings, reactions, situations and behaviors.

3. He tries to prep his heart to understand the WHY and the HOW of others and of the situations.

4. There will be differences. There will be difficulties.  Of course, there needs understanding.  Sympathy is the core.  Above all, we ought to know importance of the people and of situation.

5. KY is not good. On the whole, to be able to read the hearts of people is the most needed in building a good relationship.

6. More or less, people start worrying by seeing at a glance, ‘am I be ok with that person?,’ ‘the way he talks seems quite difficult!’

7. We should prepare our hearts to be able to have rooms for others. So that we can understand, sympathize and acknowledge the other.

8. We become friends not because of our minds are the same. We become needed and friends with someone else when we show respect to others and try to listen to and understand the others.

9. Of course, Japanese and Danish are quite different in many things such as language, culture… Yet, we can connect and know one another through placing RESPECT (尊重) between individuals.

10. When you can’t do well in some areas or can’t get alone with someone else, then you give up making efforts on those!!! No ways!










10.あなたがある分野でうまくやれなかったり、だれかとうまくいかなかったりしたら、そんなことをなんとかしようと努力するのをあきらめる⁈ まさか、とんでもありません!

Students are learning to express their emotions.  Today they are given opportunities to express themselves by drawing pictures.


Student 1:  I was being left alone by society.  But now I am a part of society.


Student 2:  I was helpless and I couldn’t find someone to help me out.  Now I am filled with ‘thank you’ to many.


Student 3:  I lost confidence and my life was so dried.  Now I am gaining confidence and my life is blooming.


Student 4:  I used to have lots of questions and didn’t know what to do with my days.  Now I can talk with people and all my questions are being answered one by one.


Student 5:  To live or living was so hard in my past.  Now to live is easier.  Besides I would like to understand others.


Sports: A moderate exercise is a must for everyone to do in a daily basis.  Our students are given the opportunity to join a moderate exercise.

スポーツ: 適度な運動は毎日の基礎に必須です。


Above all, we are grateful for your support!  With your help, we are making good changes in students’ lives.






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